Volunteer Involvement Program

Aashayein volunteer involvement, while being effective, is quite sporadic and mostly limited to groundwork and execution. This is effective for aforementioned functions, but it limits a volunteer’s capacity to be creative and impact the cause on a larger scale. Provided with an opportunity, volunteers can make this possible with greater involvement for a longer duration. This creates room for passionate volunteers to achieve goals that is not possible otherwise.

Our volunteers currently participate during weekends alone. However, the opportunity created now will enable passionate volunteers to devote their complete time during one/two weeks for executing bigger plans of Aashayein.

Volunteers are encouraged to take off from their usual profession for one/two weeks and contribute those valuable 40/80 hours completely for Aashayein. This will be a welcome break from the usual routine and a chance to make a real difference.

If you are interested to enroll into the program, please send a mail to vr@aashayeinfoundation.org


Depending on work availability, one or atmost two volunteers will work for 40/80 hours duration. In the case of multiple people volunteering for this effort, we shall stagger their timing to ensure no overlap. At any given point, if the volunteer has to return back due to any emergency, he/she is free to do so.