Volunteer Speak - Vijay

posted Feb 24, 2011, 7:42 AM by Aashayein Foundation   [ updated Feb 24, 2011, 8:43 AM ]

Vijay, who came to Bangalore in October 2010, is a relatively new face in the Aashayein Foundation. You can see him with his friends Sandeep and Shital in most of Aashayein breakfast serving events. He has shown commitment and willingness to take responsibilities in Aashayein. He has also shown interest in other Aashayein projects.

Vijay has been with Aashayein since the past three and a half months and been part of Uday and Kaamanabillu apart from regular breakfast serving activities

Aashayein Foundation's Interview with Vijay.


AF:            how did you come to know about the Aashayein Foundation?

Vijay:         Ashish told me about AF. We were both  working in the same company.


AF:            What inspired you to join Aashayein Foundation?

Vijay:         Well, I always want to do something for children in terms of giving them an opportunity. When Ashish told me about AF, I thought AF is the way which fulfills my objective. AF gives opportunity to children in all terms. So that they  can develop their future as well as well as the country’s future.


AF:            What are the other projects of Aashayein foundation you would like to contribute to?

Vijay:         I would like to contribute in Breakfast Serving, BMKS, Summer Camp… and all other activitiesJ.


AF:            What are your expectations from the Aashayein Foundation?

Vijay:         I expect from AF that they keep me informed about all the upcoming events.  J , so that I can actively contribute to them.


AF:            Would you like to recommend your friends and colleagues to join Aashayein. If Yes, why?

Vijay:         Yes, if they are interested. If not I will make them interestedJ. 

Why? There is no why exists.


AF:           Is there anything which is not going right and can be improved in our approach?

Vijay:         As I know, everything is going fine in AF. I have only one suggestion, appreciate the volunteers who have done a good job and who are regularly giving their time to AF. As I think that this will helps AF to maintain lasting relationship with volunteers.