Volunteer Speak - Shah Azeem

posted May 5, 2011, 7:05 PM by Unknown user

ShahAzeem D Choudhari, currently studying Information Science from Visveswaraya college of Engineering,Bangalore University. He is one of the student volunteer working with the Aashayein Foundation. He came to know about the Aashayein through Internet as he was interested in working for NGO’s which provided Education for children.


ShahAzeem is with Aashayein from since four months. He is one of the volunteer of this year summer camp. He is looking forward to taking English classes in Al-Amen School in the next year. His commitment shown in the Summer camp inspired many more other volunteers. He is a very good painter and enjoys painting for kids also. His other hobbies include reading novels,Spending time with kids,Playing football etc.


Aashayein Foundation's Interview with Azeem.

AF:                 How did you come to know about Aashayein foundation?

ShahAzeem:   Through internet while surfing for NGO’s who work for betterment of Education for children.


AF:                 How is your experience so far with Aashayein foundation?

ShahAzeem:   It is brilliant and fabulous.


AF:                 What has happened so far in summer camp this year?

ShahAzeem:   We have conducted activities in different fields like Art, Craft work, Puzzle Solving, Music, Sports and Science and also taken the children to science museum.


AF:                What was special about this year’s summer camp?

ShahAzeem:  Though this is my first summer camp it was special one for me as it allowed me and other volunteers to mingle with children more.

                     One more thing is BMKS exam… I got the chance to volunteer and coordinate it where we conducted exam for kids and I took interview of Parents.


AF:                What was your best moment so far in Aashayein Founation?

ShahAzeem:  Every minute with children and volunteers is special and the best moment for me. In that moments the first day and last day were more special and best moments for me in summer camp.


AF:               Why do you feel extra curricular activities are important for overall development of kids?

ShahAzeem:  It help them to interact with other children and it help them to think beyond their normal textbook stuff..


AF:              What are the areas which kids will be able to improve after these activities?

ShahAzeem: Its overall development.. Everyone will overcome their fears like interacting with others, stage fear etc.