Volunteer Speak - Deepashree

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Deepashree teaches English grammar and Communication skills to 1st, 2nd & 3rd standard students at SG Palya School. She is an Engineering graduate in Bio Technology from New Horizon. She started her career as an Executive - Recruiter. Currently she is involved in  HR Operations. Her hobbies includes reading books and dancing.


Deepashree has been with Aashayein since the past 3.6 years and has participated in projects like Shikshana Abhiyana and Sunday Breakfast Serving

Aashayein Foundation's Interview with Deepashree.


AF:          How did you come to know about Aashayein Foundation and what inspired you to join us?

Deepashree:   Through my friends. Interest actually, I was a regular visitor to one of the ashrams close to my place before knowing about AF.


AF:          How do you focus on the kids who are having difficulty in learning?

Deepashree:   Teaching them individually (but I am still struggling as there are not enough no. of volunteersL)


AF:          How do you maintain discipline in class?

Deepashree:   They will automatically maintain it once they start loving you

AF:         What are the best practices you follow to make classes more interesting and also ensure that the kids are getting the maximum             value from class?

Deepashree:   Charts, colorful pictures and play.


AF:            What will you suggest to new Volunteers who want to teach?

Deepashree:   Love to teach and love your students, this will automatically pull you towards.


AF:            What steps must Aashayein take to make teaching activities more effective?

Deepashree:   More and regular volunteers