Volunteer Speak - Ashish

posted Mar 24, 2011, 9:44 PM by Aashayein Foundation

Ashish Batra 
is very passionate about the work which he is doing with Aashayein foundation. He is with Aashayein Foundation from almost 4 years. Contributed in various projects including BMKS, Sunday breakfast Serving, PA, Summer camp and Shikshina Abhiyana. Currently he is serving as school head for Govt. School in Dairy Colony. Also he is looking after Aashayein Website.


By Profession a Hardware Engineer working with Robert Bosch, Ashish loves spending time with Kids and teach them something new everytime. He did his Engineering in ECE from CITM Faridabad. Coming from Punjabi family, Ashish is having undying love for Parantha’s and Paneer. Ashish’s loves writing Hindi poetry and listening to music.


Aashayein Foundation's Interview with Ashish.

AF: How you joined Aashayein Foundation?

Ashish: It was in 2007 when Aashayein Foundation had put up a stall for notebook and staionary donation in Bosch, I visited the stall met Sunil and other volunteers. They explained me about Aashayein Foundation. I really liked the idea and later I joined for Sunday breakfast serving and got more involved when we started discussions about starting BMKS.


AF: Who is your ideal and why?

Ashish: Sardar Bhagat Singh is my ideal because of his commitment to bring change in society. I am inspired by his writings and the undying spirit. One of his quotes which is my all time favorite and most inspiring for me.

‎"They may kill me, but they cannot kill my ideas. They can crush my body, but they will not be able to crush my spirit." -- Shaheed Bhagat Singh

I respect him not only for giving his life for country but for the work which he has done to bring social change during his lifetime which makes him immortal. Special tribute to him for Shaheedi diwas (23rd March)


AF: Which AF program is most special to you and why?

Ashish: BMKS is most close to my heart, As we could really reach out the kids and help them to get their education who can not afford them. When we go out for surveys we meet many people and really feel motivated and inspired when we speak with the parents who are really committed to send their kids to get the best education in good school even if their financial conditions doesn’t allow them to do so. Also it is the first program where I was involved from the planning so I feel a special attachment for it.


AF: What are the BMKS plans for this year?

Ashish: Last year we sent approx 350 kids to school. Most of them went to Govt./Govt. aided school. While a small percentage we sponsored them partially to go to private school. In current year we are planning to send 400 kids to school, even if we achieve little more we will be happier. This year we will be planning to increase number of kids which we are putting to private school. Our focus will be more on kids getting quality education. For all people who are interested to know more can send a mail to bmks@aashayeinfoundation.org


AF: What is the your current responsibilities in AF?

Ashish: Currently I am handling responsibilities in Shikshina Abhiyana,  BMKS and Summer camp. Also I am handling website and related activities. But I would like to focus more on on Summer camp and BMKS as it is most urgent and very important at moment.


AF: What is the happiest moment during these four years?

Ashish: My Aashayein journey includes a lot of happy moments. The memory of excitement of our first event “Chhoti si Aasha”, the smiling faces and performance of kids in Uday, the experience during the BMKS surveys makes me happy.  But every week when I go for SA classes and kids run towards me shouting Ashish sir and contest to shake hands with me makes me really feel special and happy.

AF: Any message to new volunteers of Aashayein?

Ashish: At Aashayein foundation we are not looking for volunteers. We are looking for the people who are really passionate and commited to contribute to society and bring the change. Those who are really passionate to bring happiness in many more lives we just provide a platform and structure.