Volunteer Speak - Apoorva

posted Mar 10, 2011, 1:43 AM by Unknown user

Apoorva teaches English grammar and Communication skills to 3rd standard students at SG Palya School. She is an Engineering graduate in Computer science from AMC college. She is presently working as a Software Engineer with Ness Technologies . She loves reading books. Her other hobbies includes Glass Painting, Dancing and  Listening Music.
Apoorva has been with Aashayein since the past 2 years. She started her involvement in aashayein by  teaching in SVK school and then actively participated in Shikshana Abhiyana, Summer camp, was also part in one BMKS Survey. She was also school head for SVK school from June 2010 to Nov 2010.

Aashayein Foundation's Interview with Apoorva.


AF:           How did you come to know about Aashayein foundation?

Apoorva:   One of my friend who was part of Aashayein foundation’s breakfast serving and summer camp program. I accompanied him for Summer Camp program and once Summer Camp program completed I became part of SA teaching program of Aashayein foundation.


AF:           How was your first day experience with Aashayein?

Apoorva:   It was great.


AF:           You participated in SA teaching activities, summer camp, Bmks surveys. What are the plans for this year?

Apoorva:   Since last year I had taken few months break, due to Work busy schedule. This year I am planning to take seriously and implement new things in teaching.


AF:           What were the improvements in the students you were able to see after the classes?

Apoorva:   Attendance, enthusiasm to learn new things, healthy competition within them self.


AF:          Do you see any benefit for you as Volunteer by participating in AF activities, if yes what were these benefits?

Apoorva:  Feels good for doing something different which not everyone does, stage fear, got to participate in dance which I love doing, got good friends.


AF:           Any message for Aashayein foundation old and new Volunteers.

Apoorva:   Keep going and take seriously.